BIRD & THE WAR is a Cinematic Post-Rock band in Los Angeles, CA. Frontman, Chris James (POLYFIST/ Mount St James), founded B&TW in 2009 in San Francisco, CA as a Bon Iver-esque indie folk project. When he moved to Los Angeles in 2012 the band took on a more cinematic/ Post-Rock sound. Although they certainly fit the part, the band has always had an electronic flavor with sub bass synth, ambient vocals. and concept albums with an almost symphonic flow. Over the last 7 years, the band has established their live-set as a dynamic two-piece act. While Chris plays a stereo Baritone guitar and stations a Moog Taurus bass pedal he plays with his feet, Drummer Devin Jamal fills out all other sonic space with massive drums and charismatic playing. This “trackless” band can instantly change the ambience of the room leaving the audience amazed that such a massive sounds could come from only 2 people.


Chris James has spent the last 3 years working with Plugin developer, Output (Exhale, Movement, Rev), on their newest instrument, ARCADE. Through Output, Chris met composer Cyrus Reynolds (‘Foraker’ feat. S Carey) and wrote a track backed by UNIVERSAL called “Human” from Cyrus’s most recent EP ‘Love in a Perfect Vacuum’. This collaboration and partnership has changed the trajectory of Bird & The War’s sound.

With B&TW’s most recent release, ‘Rhetoric’, over 2 years behind them, the band has been working on their next album with Producer Tom Rasulo (Dave Matthews Band, My Chemical Romance, Gary Clark Jr). Chris has spent this year seeking inspiration in alternative spiritualism, scientific theory, and philosophy. Their upcoming album “The End of Everything We Know” is a thought experiment in Cyclic Universe Theory, Spiral Dynamics, and eastern spiritualism. The album follows 3 spiritual beings who observe the universe’s end only to watch a second big bang (Cyclic Universe Theory) and imagine a different future for humanity as it begins again. These beings are the three voices we all carry in us , Mind, Body, and Soul. These three voices spend the first chapter contemplating their eventual re-birth into this new world knowing they’ll forget about each other once they are reborn. The second chapter begins with humanity’s new beginning. The band has some surprises in store with collaborations in music, film, and printed art which can’t be disclosed for now.

This new multi chapter album is a high reaching project that Bird & The War is proud and excited to share