The Fall

Oh no where have you gone?
To a better lifestyle
With your hands on his hips
I don't like it
Where this is all going
Depart from me
I release you from this
Don't look down
The fall will kill us both
Depart from me you sinner
Adultress and saint
Tonight I'll wear my deepest
Color of blue
I'll intend a smile but look around
and see no one but you
And I'll fight my lust for comfort
So don't bring it up again
And I'm bleeding green with jealousy
And now all I see is him

Don't look down... The fall will kill us

I bury this feeling... What was to be is always there
Waiting to break down in my (bones/Blood/Skin)
And become a part of what I am

It's the deepest shade
and I'm bleeding green
all i see is him
So depart from me